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How it works?

Elykid is a platform that lets you create your AI powered intuitive entity which listens to you, understands you, knows you and assists you in everything you do.


Our product is designed to create a space where user can safely share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories, dreams – user’s “private perceptual world”


The main difference in your phone and someone else's phone is that your phone is personalized according to your need, likes and dislikes. Keeping this in mind we designed our product in such a way that it can be fully personalized by you!.


Elykid lets you create an AI customized by you. You can choose it's personality, name and alot of other things too. It also learns and adapts according to you!


Our Product is designed to help users save and manage time and achieve their goals efficiently. We make this possible by understanding user’s concern, automating repetitive tasks, providing insights into user behaviour and suggesting helpful tips.


Great features you'll love.

We believe everyone is important and Elykid is designed to make everyone feel the same.

Easy To Customize

Our app lets you create a unique entity that reflects your personality and preferences. You can choose its gender, name, and appearance, and you can also customize its personality traits and interests. As you interact with your entity, it will learn more about you and become even more customized.


We offer two set of personas namely Nathan and Athena. Nathan is designed to the behave as a soft-hearted perfect friend which will always have your back. Athena is designed to have an ignorant behavior which seems pretty rude sometimes but will always care for you and help in you in every possible way.


We provide your AI Entity with a comprehensive set of tools to help them get your jobs done. These tools include internet search, mathematics tools, and more. With these tools, your entity can access and process information from the real world, perform complex calculations, etc. This makes them incredibly versatile and useful for your various tasks.

UI Designer

With our application, you can customize your chat space to your heart's content! Choose from a variety of themes and colors to create a space that is uniquely yours. And with our easy-to-use interface, you can make changes to your chat space in just a few clicks.


Our application is also equipped with Elykid Defender designed to keep your private space secure. It uses a variety of techniques to keep your data safe, including authentication, shielding etc. Elykid Defender is constantly being updated to stay ahead of the latest threats, so you can be confident that your data is always secure!

Command Center

The Command Center is a powerful tool that allows you to operate your phone just by your voice. It also consists of shortcut Manager which allows you to create command sequences which can be executed just by the touch of a button


Got questions?

we got some answers!

How does Elykid Defender keep my data secure?

Elykid Defender keeps your private space secure with features like Applock, Shielding, and industry-standard encryption and hashing techniques

What are the different personas available and how do they behave?

We offer two personas, Nathan and Athena, to make the AI more fun to use. Nathan is a secret-keeping best friend, while Athena is a mysterious but engaging conversationalist. Be sure to check back soon for new personas!

What tools are provided to help my AI entity perform tasks?

Elykid's AI is already really capable and filled with knowledge but to make things even better we have provided many tools including Internet Search, Research Paper Access and many more.

How can I customize my chat space??

Elykid's UI Designer lets you customize your chat space to create a visually appealing and immersive experience. Choose your background, text message box color, and more to create a space that is both aesthetic and functional.

How can I customize my AI entity?

To customize your AI entity, go to the customization tab and choose between the two available personas: Athena or Nathan. You can also choose its name, likes and dislikes, and voice. Once you have customized your entity, you can start using it in Elykid

How does my AI entity learn and adapt to me?

Your AI entity learns and adapts to you by keeping track of your conversations and interactions, writing down important information about you, and creating a profile of you. It also constantly learns and evolves as it interacts with you and experiences new situations.

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